Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poor Jealous and Certifiable Nika

Well, well. Nika on my migraine is at it again. Here's her most recent diatribe in relevant part:

"Since you ask ... - what happend was that Richard was caught lying here, on this forum. More then once . It was not a little mistake as he later claimed, it was a deliberate and totally unnecessary lie. ... I am not the only one who would wish to know what is real, and what is fantasy in Richard's world when he writes here, as this would make for much better relationships on this forum. ... He just cannot help himself still telling tales and stirring troubles like in the case of Richard's stament that he has never, ever met Seantor Kennedy then few hours later telling us that he has actually been questioned by him on Capitol, no less. Just as such events happen every day. Right? ...

This is what happend ... This is why many people find it difficult to believe what Richard is saying like giving up all medicines overnight recently and immediately feeling fine etc, etc like the story above and so many others. ... NikaB

XXX, ... You like Richard's lies and lying - fine. But many, many other people here do not.
If you only look at this particular example of his recent kind of obvious fantasy on this forum which cannot be true:

"After visiting my 3 docs, I bid a fond farewell to:

Nuvigil Wellbutrin
Topamax Luvox
Lovastatin Lisinopril

I feel 500% better already!! My friends and neighbors and grocery clerks have all noticed the difference. It is truly amazing what a few less drugs can do to a person!"

Well if you know anything or read about giving up any of the above medication and still believe that it is possible from one day to next not only you have no withdrawals of any kind, but instantly feel better by 500% (yes, yes!!! we are in total fantasy land) and also have everybody noticing the difference, you are obviosuly not prepared to look at any facts connected with that perosn more closely, XXX. YOU might like to read such lies, but they can be very harmful if people actually believe him, or follow such stories. This is a serious issue, you must see that.

What is interesting about this person from the UK (an immigrant from Poland) is how she believes her disbelief, her jealously, MUST mean I am lying. She cannot get it through her head that, yes indeed, I have spoken with, partied with, and strategized with many national and state politicians in my working life. My testifying before Congress was a significant deal to me - but it was one among many, many significant deals in my career. If I were to write to her about my work with killers and rapists, she would not believe that either. Or if I were to write to her or on the forum about my many protests and confrontations with authority - as part of my work and after, she would not believe it either. I worked with a group of people who went downtown during a coffee break at a staff meeting to get arrested at Wells Fargo bank for trespassing. But such a concept is beyond Nika's imagination.

Nika, real sorry your life has been boring and uneventful. But your boring life is no reason I have to live a boring life also.

If you wish to discuss the withdrawal symptoms and effects of stopping medication, Nika, please take it up with my Board Certified Internist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, and Pain Manager. Maybe you are right and all my highly educated and experienced MD's are wrong. I would not bet on it, but it might be true (LOL). So have at it, take on the USA medical establishment and explain to them why you are correct and they are wrong.

While you are at it, I will ask my neighbors and friends and store clerks who read this to contact you - so you can explain to them that they were lying when they noticed a night-and-day difference in me after I stopped the medications. Of course they all must be lying, Nika ... you do not believe them so they must ALL be liars ... right? (ROTFLMAO)

But you correct in one thing, Nika. This is a serious matter. Your constant accusations and disbelief speaks volumes about yourself - it truly appears that you may benefit from serious counseling. Your inability to recognize the fact that people have lives different from yours is fairly delusional. Seriously, Nika, counseling may do you a world of good. AND get you off my back.

Of course my friends in Northern California have made many other recommendations that may help you ... especially help you "get a life of your own." They have recommended certain adult physical acts that may relieve some of the tension that screams out from your tirades. Most have simply recommend that you try and try hard to develop a life of your own so that my life experiences do not threaten you so.

But Nika, know this. I am rigorously honest is all I write. Your maniacal disbelief does not change reality at all. Your accusations are comical at this point. I hate to say it, but the laughter is AT you, not with you. For your own good, leave me alone with your false and malicious accusations. Believe the truth or not - it is immaterial to me. But do recognize that your disbelief will not change reality. And I am rigorously honest in all my affairs whether you say so or not.

In other words, get off my back!

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  1. Hi Richard, This is Alli from Ronda's. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that you are not alone in thinking Nika is a pain. I've been absolutely disgusted by Nika's attitude and behavior toward you and just about anyone she preaches to.

    I posted the a couple of weeks ago about the fact that both my doctor and I feel that I have a neuromuscular disorder. Her response to my posting was to attack doctors as arrogant and tell me to trust my own instincts. Hmmmm Since I stated that BOTH of us were sure that something was wrong neuromuscularily, what part of trusting my instincts am I not doing?

    In no way was I dissing my doctor at all. I love my doctor. She's been treating me for over 15 years. If I had listened to and acted on her advice, we would have found this earlier. Any blame for any delay belongs to me. But Nika just like to bitch and complain. She likes to impress us with her superiority but really just likes to get on her soap box and scream at the wind.

    I post my issues on Ronda's because that is a place where I get a tremendous amount of support. I have multiple health issues and no insurance. So I have been selective in what I treat. The last thing I want is someone implying that my doctors don't know what they are doing and by implication, I am not being true to my instincts.

    I think she is a lonely person with a lot of anger. Which does not excuse her attacks on you or anyone else she doesn't agree with, but does make it easier to disregard her.

    Anyway, you have my support in your frustration with her. I was a bit insulted by her post on my thread, but didn't respond as it just isn't worth it. I don't think most of the time that she even realizes how condescending she sounds when offering "advice" or comments and if she does.... well, ignoring is the best weapon in a fight with pettiness.

    BTW... I read some of your blogs and am so glad that your date was a good one. If you are still seeing him, I hope things work out for the best.



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