Friday, September 11, 2009

From Fox News we learn:
If you tuned in to the soap "One Life to Live" this week, you may have noticed there's been a change of character. One character in particular.

Actress Patricia Mauceri says she was fired and abruptly replaced for objecting to a gay storyline because of her religious beliefs.
Mauceri played the recurring role of Carlotta Vega on "OLTL" for the last 14 years. But when she objected to how the writers wanted her deeply religious character, a Latina mother, to handle a storyline involving homosexuality, she objected. And for that she claims she was fired.

Mauceri, 59, a devout Christian, told FOX News that character Vega's gay-friendly dialogue was not in line with the character she helped create by drawing on her own faith.

"I did not object to being in a gay storyline. I objected to speaking the truth of what that person, how that person would live and breathe and act in that storyline," she said. "And this goes against everything I am, my belief system, and what I know the character's belief system is aligned to."
Peter Labarbera, the homophobic leader of the hate group AFTAH, declares this exemplary of religious discrimination against christianists who wish to impose their bigotry on all society.  He declares this as a good reason to oppose the Employment Nondiscrimination Act - i.e. he wants to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.

But Mauceri and Labarbera wre really missing the point.  An actor does not write - that is what writers do.  And actor repeats the lines written by the writers, under direction of the director to create a character with their acting talent.  If an actor refuses to repeat the lines provided to the actor, then the actor ought to quit ar they will be fired ... not for religious discrimination, but for refusal to do their job.

And it is silly of an actor to believe they have the right to write their own lines.  Mauceri had creative differences with her employer and she refused to do her job.  Thus, she was fired.

Besides, she has been part of a soap opera - adultery, lies, manipulation, and often murder and other crimes are common fare for the soaps.  Did Mauceri object when the story line included divorce?  Adultery?  Criminal acts?  No, she only objected when a mother expressed unconditional love for her son who she believed to be gay.  It was a mother's unconditional love that she found so "morally reprehensible" that she felt forced to stop doing her job.

Sounds like her own personal bigotry got in her way.  Too bad.  We all have bosses and we all have to do work assignments we do not like.  Why should christianist bigots get any special rights?

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  1. I was thinking the same thing (how she could act on a soap considering the storylines often acted out such as adultery etc).

    I do not believe one's religious beliefs gives a person the right to be a bigot or express bigotry.


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